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What I have to offer.

Web Development

Design and code beautiful, interactive, client-facing websites.

Responsive Design

Giving your website a presence across multiple platforms opens your business to a much wider audience, giving you unlimited potential for new revenue and returning customers. Best of all, a responsive web design saves you money and plenty of future headaches.

Web Security

Web sites are unfortunately prone to security risks. Saving your website from such things as SQL injection, XSS (cross site scripting), Remote File Inclusion, PHP/ASP Code Injection, Directory Traversal and File Disclosure is extremely important to both my clients and I.


What I've been up to.


Website Design & Development

Brown Roofing

Website Design & Development

MJP Web Development

Website Design & Development

Silhouettes Boutique

Website Design & Development


How I got started.

  • 2010-2014

    My Humble Beginnings

    Attended the University of Windsor to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • May 2014

    Getting my feet wet

    Started experimenting with different forms of Computer Science to try and find a place for my skills.

  • January 2015

    Transition to Full Service

    Landed several clients and transitioned to work independently full time.

  • Be Part
    Of My


Who am I?

Michael James Pereira

Web Developer

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